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AmericanHeritage, American Voices
Cover of AmericanHeritage, American Voices
AmericanHeritage, American Voices
Colonies and Revolution
Find out what life was like in colonial America from the people who lived it! This first book in the American Heritage American Voices series will give you a rare glimpse into the day-to-day...
Find out what life was like in colonial America from the people who lived it! This first book in the American Heritage American Voices series will give you a rare glimpse into the day-to-day...
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  • Find out what life was like in colonial America from the people who lived it!

    This first book in the American Heritage American Voices series will give you a rare glimpse into the day-to-day experiences of early Americans. You'll learn from fourteen-year-old George Washington about his Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour (such as "Do not laugh too much or too loud in public."); you'll read the testimony of an accused witch from the Salem witch trials; and you'll hear about the terrible conditions African slaves suffered when they were brought to America, from one of the slaves who survived. You'll also find out about what led up to the Boston Tea Party, what happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the daring mission of the first submarine (in 1776!).

    From Columbus's letter describing his first voyage to America to the Constitution of the United States, Colonies and Revolution presents a wealth of period documents, including diaries, letters, articles, advertisements, speeches, and more, from both famous figures and ordinary citizens. Find out how all of these American voices working together helped to make this country what it is today.

About the Author-

  • AMERICAN HERITAGE is well-known for its magazine on American history, as well as its many highly acclaimed books, including The American Heritage History of the United States and The American Heritage Illustrated History of the Presidents.
    DAVID C. KING is a former history teacher and an award-winning author who has written more than thirty books for children and young adults, including Wiley's American Kids in History series.

Table of Contents-

  • Introduction to the American Heritage American Voices Series vii

    Introduction to Colonies and Revolution ix

    PART I: Colonizing a New World 1

    Christopher Columbus Signs a Contract 2

    From an Agreement between Christopher Columbus and the Rulers of Spain, April 17, 1492 3

    Columbus Describes His Voyage 3

    From Christopher Columbus's Letter to Lord Raphael Sanchez, March 14, 1493 4

    The Mystery of Roanoke 4

    From John White's Journals, 1590 5

    The Legend of Pocahontas 7

    From John Smith's The General History of Virginia, 1624 8

    The First Settlements in New England 9

    From William Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation, "The Mayflower Compact," 1620–1647 10

    The Survival of Plymouth Plantation 10

    From William Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation, 1620–1647 11

    A Difficult Voyage 13

    From a German Immigrant's Letter Home, 1750 13

    Keeping a Sense of Humor 14

    Forefathers' Song, c. 1630 15

    Indenture: Encouraging Newcomers 16

    Aulkey Hubertse's Indenture Contract, 1710 16

    Pennsylvania: Drawing Colonists from the Continent 18

    From William Penn's Some Further Account of the Province of

    Pennsylvania in America, 1683 18

    PART II: Daily Life in Colonial America 21

    All in a Day's Work 22

    From a Girl's Diary, 1775 22

    Life in Williamsburg 23

    From Andrew Burnaby's Travels . . . , 1759 23

    Education and Morals 24

    From The New England Primer, c. 1680 25

    Washington's Rules for Civil Behavior 26

    From George Washington's Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour, 1747 27

    Clothing in the Age of Homespun 27

    From Reverend John Schuyler's Journal, c. 1805 28

    Wealth and Fashion 29

    A Description of Dress, 1710 29

    The Salem Witch Trials 30

    From the Transcript of the Trial of Sarah Good, 1692 31

    Judge Sewall's Apology 32

    From Judge Samuel Sewall's Diary, 1696 and 1697 32

    Anne Bradstreet: America's First Poet 33

    Anne Bradstreet's "To My Dear and Loving Husband," 1678 33

    Eliza's Gift to South Carolina 34

    From a Letter by Eliza Lucas, 1740 35

    Advice on Choosing a Husband 36

    From the Royal American Magazine, 1774 36

    Advice on Being Feminine 36

    From John Winthrop's History of New England, 1645 37

    Living Well 37

    From the Diary of John Adams, 1775 38

    A Girl's Life in Boston 38

    From Anna Green Winslow's Diary, 1772 39

    Benjamin Franklin: The First American 40

    From The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, 1793 41

    "What Then Is the American?" 43

    From J. Hector St. Jean de Crèvecoeur's Letters from an American Farmer, c. 1782 43

    PART III: Many People, Many Voices 45

    Slavery on a Virginia Plantation 46

    From Philip Vickers Fithian's Journal, 1773 47

    A Traveler's View 48

    From J. Hector St. Jean de Crevecoeur's Letters from an American Farmer, c. 1782 48

    The Nightmare Atlantic Crossing 49

    From Equiano's Travels, 1789 49

    Growing Opposition to Slavery 50

    A Slave's Epitaph, 1773 51

    Thomas Jefferson's Dilemma 51

    Jefferson's Ad for the Return of a Runaway, 1769 52

    From Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia, 1784 52

    From Jefferson's Letter to Frances Epps, 1787 53

    First Encounters with Native Americans 53

    From John White's Journals, 1585 54

    The Story of a "White Indian" 55

    From A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison, 1824 55

    Defending Diversity: Freedom of the Press and...

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AmericanHeritage, American Voices
AmericanHeritage, American Voices
Colonies and Revolution
David C. King
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AmericanHeritage, American Voices
AmericanHeritage, American Voices
Colonies and Revolution
David C. King
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